Must be a journey level but, not necessarily be a union member yet.
Here's the job posting:
Seeking a Lt. Commercial/Residential HVAC Installer
Minimum Job Requirements:
Any candidate will have at least 3 years field service experience. The successful candidate will be able to work alone and/or with other technicians as needed.
The primary responsibility of this individual will be to remove and replace HVAC equipment on the customer’s site in accordance with local code. This individual must be able to replace duct systems, electrical, and plumbing modifications as needed to complete the replacement.
The ideal candidate will be able to layout and fabricate residential duct fittings, install electrical circuits and braze in line sets. Experience with zone systems preferred.
Must be EPA certified and have a current CA driver’s lic. with a clean DMV.

This is a bargaining unit position (SMWIA local 104). Candidate must be able to verify experience and may be asked to pass a union sponsored test.
Send Resume to or fax to 650-368-3695

Sorry, no entry level jobs available