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    Geothermal compressor failure-problem with replacement

    I have a question and am wondering if anyone else has run into this. My knowledge on geo is very limited so bear with me. Would post this in professional thread but that isn't an option right now. Have you run into replacing scroll compressors with piston type as per manufacturer recommendations? Sort of creates its own set of problems (refrigerant connections). Normal? Common?
    Just wondering. Thanks in advance.

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    Have never replaced a scroll with a piston. Have replaced plenty Bristol twin singles with unloading scrolls.


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    There was a push to use scrolls for this and this caused many issues. In some cases, scrolls were not available in the exact size needed, and at start up, they would trip low pressure switch under certain conditions. This led to development of logic to bypass the low pressure switch for a time period, usually two minutes at startup. without this, compressors were beating themselves up. In other cases, the compressors just weren't getting enough suction gas for proper cooling, again causing problems. In some of these instances, it became apparent that recips were the solution for whatever reason. Repiping is necessary. Of course, if you are not on good terms with the factory, they wont tell you any of this stuff. I would always try to figure out why your pump failed before turning a second one loose on the same system......

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