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    parallel horizonal loop header

    I have a quote in for a 4 ton WTA and 3 ton WTW unit to heat / cool the house I will be building. The quote included 900' trench with a 6-pipe configuration.

    Seeing how I have a backhoe, and I've done numerous PEX systems, I was considering tackling the ground loop installation. I've read some good information on this forum, and climatemaster has an excellent manual for installation design and information.

    While I'm not opposed to fusing HDPE pipe to my header, I was thinking about the following installation:

    4 pipe trenches - they go out about 300' and come back 300'. Hence, I could use standard 600' 3/4" HDPE pipe, and get both ends into the utility room. This would eliminate any underground splices, and my headers would be inside, and similar to a PEX radiant floor system header.

    I would go with (8) 600' loops, for a total of 4800' in piping.

    Any experienced installers see an issue with the headers inside the building vs. in the ground?


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    You'll never get anyone to help you because DIY is strictly forbidden here. Having a backhoe is very cool but doing your own GT system may not yield the best result.

    Get someone who is IGSHPA certified to help you and maybe you can do the digging which will defray the costs. If it works it's great and if it doesn't all hell breaks loose and you could spend far more than you every realized. Maybe they will hire you to do the digging and pay you and with the 30% tax credit it’s your money and more.

    With 30% tax credit it may actually cost you less if you went to work for someone else digging with your backhoe and let someone who is a professional install the best system for you. Maybe you have state money also which could lower the cost even further.


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    Where are you located? Do you already have your unit installed? Did anyone give you heat loss and heat gain numbers for your house?

    I have my own backhoe, and I installed my own loop. I rented the socket heat fusion equipment and it was a piece of cake.

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    If you would care to elaborate what horrible pitfalls you think I might run into, that would be great.

    From my standpoint, $9k for someone else vs. a couple of days to dig trenches, throw roughly $1,200 worth of pipe in them, cover them up, and pressurize the loops doesn't appear to something I should be sweating about.

    I'm not greatly concerned about fusing HDPE pipe under the ground - I'm thinking it just may not be necessary and was looking for some input.

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    Chicago area. The Climatemaster rep. ran the numbers and provided the quote for the whole system, with ground loop, etc.

    Glad to hear your installation went well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geotherm_newbie View Post

    Chicago area. The Climatemaster rep. ran the numbers and provided the quote for the whole system, with ground loop, etc.

    Glad to hear your installation went well.
    Newbie, do me a favor. Since they flip out over DIY stuff on here, check my profile for an email address. Send me a quick email so I will have yours on file. Then we can communicate that way. It's best to avoid this site when discussing such things.

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