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    I just recently replaced a 4 ton system with a 5 ton system. Most of the duct work in the back of the house was redone and the unit performs very well in that section of the house. The original duct work in the rest of the house was tied into and performs sub par by my standards. The installer said even if he reworked all the ducts in the rest of the house the performance would probably not be any better. He said its sized correctly but its just a very long run! He did suggest multizone from the start but we dont plan on staying in the house very much longer so he didnt even price that out. Is there anything I can do to improve the performance to the other ducts? Is it possible to retrofit mutlizone now?


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    Your contractor is incorrect.
    If the ducts were sized correctly. you would have better performance in that part also.
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    If the issue in that pat of the house,is incorrectly sized ducts,then yes your contractor is wrong.

    The length is not an issue,if sized correctly.

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