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    Removed Oil Furance - Advice on what to go back with

    Hi everyone, I hope my questions are appropriate. I'm a DIY guy, but I know where my limits are, and HVAC is where I draw the line. I purchased my first home 2 months ago and it came with a 20 year oil furnace that I had inspected by a local company. They said that none of it was installed right, it was leaking, the heat exchanger was cracked, and I run the risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

    I have since ripped out all the old ductwork, the old furnace, and am about to get the old tank pulled out of the ground. I have been given some contact information about some local companies, but not sure how to go about finding a reputable company. I've talked to a few friends and I'm leaning towards a heat pump. My house is only 844 sq. feet, 2 bed, 1 bath. And I want to put a wood stove in it too.

    Should I just go to say Carrier's website and find the closet dealer?

    Is there a list of reputable installers on this site that are close to my area. I really like community web sites like this, I feel that the best professionals are on here, and would like someone that cares about their work.


    I'm in Fleetwood, NC if that matters.

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    Unfortunately we don't have a "find a contractor" section yet but maybe one of our North Caroliners will find you. What city is Fleetwood close to? One of my co-workers is from the Raleigh area and probably could give you some names, not sure if they sell Carrier.

    Heat pump makes sense in your area. Make sure you get a dealer who will do an accurate load calc to not oversize. Small homes are most commonly oversized as dealers are scared to use small units. Also starting from scratch with a new duct system will require someone with a few brain cells left.

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    Fleetwood is actually in the NC mountains. 15 minutes away from Boone, NC. 1.5 hrs away from Charlotte, 1.5 hrs away from Winston Salem. We do see some colder days here in the winter, but I've talked to several people that have heat pumps.

    The house should be a no brainer actually, but I want to seal the house up some, so I probably need someone that can work with me.

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