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    Quote Originally Posted by cbowma4 View Post
    I cant believe someone else had this question, lol. I was recently checking a capacitor, and was wondering the same thing.
    If you don't know when to replace it, why even bother checking it in the first place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2001 View Post
    I change them when the display on the tstat says "check capacitors"
    Hmmm. Must be a real good t-stat that reminds you to check capacitors.

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    More than a year ago my "old" condenser fan burned up but not totally. The tech replaced the "capacitor" and said if that didn't work he would replace the fan motor.

    So, it looks like the answer is........replace the capacitor first and if that doesn't work replace something else.


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    We replace capacitors when the HO gives the go ahead, since most will argue that "it still works"

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    Gee, the moderators on this site aren't normal--are too patient.
    On other sites I've been on, they are very clear that if you
    argue with the moderator, you get banned from the site.
    They are usually busy enough and are not too patient with
    folks who try to bend the rules and then argue that they
    aren't bending them.
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