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    Need Some Help

    Looking at a Bryant 580FPV121180AB and trying to find some specs on it. Is it a 10 ton non economized or a 15 ton dual compressor. If it is a dual compressor is one primary and the other backup for those really hot days?have looked at old threads and got some info but would appreciate some help.

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    Your part number breaks down like this.
    580F = standard to mid efficiancy packaged unit
    PV = 208/230 3ph
    121 = 10 tons
    180 = 180,000 btu heat
    AB = factory options (which i dont have a list for)

    as for your compressor question yes you will have 2. most packaged units 6 tons and below will have 1 compressor and units 7.5 tons and above will have multiple compressors. these are for staging cooling. this varies the capacity of the equipment. it's not a backup for just them hot days.

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    Thank you hotrodrob. I appreciate the info.

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