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    Pharma room pressures

    I am doing some T&B work in a pharma facility with 25 production rooms which are all required to be negative to its own lobby and each lobby needs to be positive to the corridor. I need to balance room pressures. I have supply and extract volumes which are fixed. I also have a dedicated dust extract/nederman arm system in the some of the rooms which will also need to be brought online.

    How do I proceed? Is it a case of manipulating the extract until I achieve design negative pressure relative to the lobby? Is there a circumstance in which I will need to manipulate the supply?
    How do I take the dust extract into account in my room pressure set up?
    Is the intial T&B of both the supply and extract systems necessary if both may be adjusted to achieve pressures? Is supply and extract flowrate incidental to room pressure? If i manipulate the extract in a negatively pressured room will my acph be compromised?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am getting conflicting messages from different sources as to how room pressures in a pharma plant should be achieved.

    I would like to put it to rest once and for all. If this has been discussed at length before please point me in the direction of the relevant thread. I found nothing on a search.
    Thank you in advance

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    Is their a small room between the production room and the lobby? First off, when you say production room I'm guessing chemicals are involved?
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