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    What Constitutes A Quality Install ?

    It seems that I am understanding that poor systems can run very efficient from a great install. With a old system being replaced for new what things do installers do to make a system run so efficient?

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    Like anything the newer equipment becomes more efficient through new techniques. The only thing a tech really does to make it run efficiently is good piping practices and unit locations. Keeping both coils clean is a must as well.

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    Start with the basics

    Even before the equipment is installed, a proper evaluation of your home's needs (sizing) in terms of equipment, and the proper startup of same, will go a long way.

    So many times, I have read here of equipment that is just 'started' up without regard to control board settings (left at factory defaults). Obviously, a 4 ton a/c will not deliver expected comfort when the furnace is delivering 5 tons of air.


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    They generally chek the duct system before the install. To see if its able to carry the proper amount of air.
    And recomend any corrective repairs/alterations be done at the same time as the change out.

    Seal all there connections to teh new unit, and any transitions they had to add.
    Then they test the duct system again after the new unit is installed.
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    The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) provides a checklist "For Quality HVAC Installation, You Should Get What You Paid For." The The checklist will assist you in evaluating the capabilities of different HVAC companies and the proposals they submit. The questions on the checklist will help you understand the requirements contained within a nationally-recognized HVAC quality installation standard, and the explanations detail “what’s in it for you.” For a free PDF copy of the ACCA HVAC Quality Installation Specification, visit

    ACCA List
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    I see a lot of change outs that the ductwork is not adequate for installed larger sized units. If you dont have a load calc done to determine what your needs are this can happen. You may have to ask for a load calc, and pay for it, but its the correct way to go.
    Ducts have to be sized to deliver the air the room needs.
    also ducts have to be mastic sealed, flex should be suspended by duct straps or saddles.
    in dry climates you can bury ducts in insulation, in humid climates you cant due to condensation.
    don't just buy equipment, duct system is what delivers the air to each room.
    return air should also be sized for the capacity of the unit.
    good info with acca list!
    best of luck.
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