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    Tech 2 was wrong. Wonder why he didn't check to see? It would have taken 5 minutes or less.

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    That is not a hard start kit.

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    Looks like it is a RUN capacitor, those compressors are PSC motors so it has to have a run cap.

    If it were me, I'd put a potential relay with the proper pick-up & drop-out voltages & a proper 440-volt start capacitor with the proper MFD Rating on it.

    A 440-Volt has more insulation & I always believed they stood up better than a 370-volt cap.

    The next thing is to make sure it is delivering the proper indoor duct system airflow & then charge it to the Subcooling, plus check the Superheat to see if it is near that TXV's SH set-point

    It is plain to see why 'some' equipment doesn't cool, or last long. - Darrell
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