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    Is it reasonable? Labor to install a new compressor

    I have a small 1.5 ton Carrier system, 38CKC018341 is 4 yrs old, still under part warrenty.

    The system got no cool air.

    I called 3 different A/C company to check my problem since the first 2 give different answers. Both found the R22 are very low.
    2nd and 3rd technician said the compressor is dead and need to be replaced.
    2nd guy said flush the line will take 8-9 hours?

    Carrier dealer wants to charge $ labor to install a new compressor. Is it too high in California Central Valley (Stockton area)?

    Please comment.
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    I don't know
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    Read the rules.

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    read the rules

    when you become a pro ya can say that.
    < No comments on prices>

    Quote Originally Posted by amd View Post
    Read the rules.
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    We don't discuss prices here.

    Prices are area specific. If you don't like a price, call another contractor.

    Please read site rules, no prices in post, no price questions, thank you.
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