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    Ruud vs Carrier vs Goodman/Amana

    My 20 year old Rheem 3.5 ton and 3 ton central system are about to stop running.
    I live in Texas and would like to know the experts' opinion on the above brands, which is more reliable and high quality? I am considering SEER 14 system with the new 410 refrigerant, Thanks.

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    They are pretty much on an even keel accept for the goodman brand. I'm not a fan of Goodman equipment but they do have a excellent warranty program. Also look at American Standard and Trane.

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    If you were to remove the name badge, they're all about the same. Including Goodman.

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    Who majes Goodman?

    I was told yesterday by a rep that Amana makes Amana, Goodman and GMC, sticking on the label with a few differences.

    Is that true?

    I know that a consumer electronics company I worked at about 10 years ago made products for different customers - i.e. Brands, and the main difference was the label. And another thing or 2 that had nothing to do with the guts.

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    The Goodman and the GMC brand are made in the same plant. The Amana is made in a different plant. Goodman owns the Amana and GMC brands.

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    Amana Distinctions is the lower end stuff, Goodman with Amana label. The Amana branded stuff, model #s start with A, are much fancier units. Quieter, better heat exchangers on the furnaces, more compressor protection on the outdoor units.

    Rheem & Carrier have lower end stuff too as well as their premium stuff. Decide what your budget is but really you need to look for the best possible contractor.

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    The more reliable unit is the unit that is installed correctly.

    The most important feature of your system is the install. Trust me, I know by mistake. I, unfortunately, picked the wrong one.

    Your biggest challenge is going to be too find out who is going to do the best job (and do it correctly).

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