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    A Coil Too High for Supply Ducts?

    Great forum! Very informative. This is my first post.

    I am shopping around for a new central air conditioner for my home.

    One of the manufacturers I am considering seems to make very tall A coils. To install their A coil in my furnace plenum, the top of the coil would end up even with, or maybe slightly higher, than my supply takeoffs.

    Is this an issue/concern?

    Much thanks for your help.

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    If you call good company they know what coil to instal in your home .sorry this site will not help you to buy unit online and size correctly DIY not here

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    Coil heights can vary greatly between manufacturer's. Talk with some local HVAC professionals, they can sell you in the right direction.
    A good HVAC tech knows how, an educated HVAC tech knows why!


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    Heck no, I’m not looking to do anything myself! Sorry if my badly written post made it sound like that!

    What I meant was I have been calling local HVAC companies to replace my current central air. Of course, different dealers sell different brands. I have gotten a few ballpark figures over the phone, and most have said they need to visit my home for proper sizing. A few have noted they would also need to make sure that the evaporator coil that matches their condenser fits in my furnace plenum.

    As I check out the different brands of eqipment online, I have noticed that the size of evaporator coils varies in height, width or depth. One of the dealers I am considering sells a line that seems to have taller evaporator coils than others. So I was wondering if it was okay for the coil to be as tall or a little taller than where the supply takeoffs are located on the plenum.

    Not trying to break any forum rules at all. Just trying to make an informed choice.

    In fact, I am replacing a seven-year-old system that has quit probably because of a bad installation, undersizing/mismatched coil (it ran constantly and never really cooled the house). In short, I got burned once because I didn’t pay close enough attention. Don’t want it to happen again. Too expensive!!!

    Thanks for any advice.


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    There are ways to make the taller coil work,in most cases.

    I'll try to post a diagram from the office tomorrow.

    If you can post pics of the existing plenum and supply takeoffs that would help.

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