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    Forced air wood furnace

    Bidding a job to incorporate a forced air wood furnace with a split heat pump with 10 kw heat. Gonna have some t-stat control issues (think we got them figured out) as well as some supply duct issues (will use the same return air for both). Can anyone offer any advice for proper duct design at the two units, with dampers, etc... so this thing will work out OK. Or is it as straight forward as I hope it will be ?

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    It won't be straight forward, trust me. If you are looking for install suggestions and or advise, you will need to get the necessary post count and apply for pro membership (check site rules, no DIY)
    A good HVAC tech knows how, an educated HVAC tech knows why!


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    As heaterman says, it won't be straightforward.
    Are you using existing supply air ductwork?
    Or, is this new construction?
    Around here, the insurance companies call the shots.
    Most contractors are shying away from wood appliances.

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