Good morning,
I am currently working a job with an extremely tight budget and the customer is trying to install a 30" vanity into his bathroom. The bathroom has a very peculiar layout and without completely redoing the entire bathroom, this is the only place that the sink will fit.

The house is from the early 50's and has Vytorian (not sure of the spelling) system, with cast iron fin tube. Originally there was a sink mounted to the wall, but they are going getting a dog and want a place to hide those nasty chemicals.

The Bathroom is 55.25 sq ft. The heat is on a wall that is 8.5 feet long and has 6 ft of fins.

What do you think if we were to remove the fins where the vanity is to sit and then notch out the cabinet where the pipe would hit and the insulate the pipe to protect the vanity? Based off my calculations there still would be enough heat in that room.

Any other suggestions (besides re-piping)?

Thank you,