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    #8 is obscure. It is a greyed, blown up and rotated portion of an archery company logo. To win you had to figure out which one of about 25 or so.

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    Movie character #2

    Quote Originally Posted by bbaumer View Post
    Thanks guys.

    Jeff Corey I think is right but wrong movie. Maybe Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid or Butch and Sundance the early years. maybe.
    Dustin Hoffman was sitting on a chair beside him acting like a gunfighter in Little Big Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klove View Post
    This is considered a classic????????????????? Surely you jest??? I've been in a lot of places where I didn't speak the language, and what they were saying made more sense than this.......
    Did I say anywhere this was a classic?

    Check the song then check my s/n

    Then maybe you can put it all together

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