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    Require New HVAC system

    Hi Folks,

    I was trying to find out how to evaluate a new hVAC unit, both heating and cooling. Any ideas and preferred vendors list will be appreciated. Place to be installed is in Northern VA



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    Gas furnace and air conditioner? Heat pump? You need to know what type of equipment you require. Pick the contractor first, equipment second. All brands will break, so I'd focus on finding the better dealer. You can find authorized dealers on brand websites or better yet get personal referrals. There are different levels of efficiencies from all brands, and many higher-efficiency units have more than one "level" of heating or cooling for more comfort (by running on low stage longer).

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    Post your city,a Pro member here may be in your area.

    Also check,

    for contractors in your area.

    Finding a quality contractor is very important,but I'd also look at the brand,features,benefits,factory backed satisfaction guarantee,rebates,etc..

    Also your purchase could qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1500.00,so ask about that.

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    I would ask your licensed contractor for a unit with a 10 year warranty. Same manufacturers are now ever offering a limited lifetime warranty.

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