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    water in the pan

    I everyone i am new to cac i have water in the drip pan and i think drip pan pvc line is not draining to outside of my home there is one line that comes out of my home my question is, having water in the pan normal? and the system is ten years old would the pvc line connect from the drip pan be connected to the main line had a tech out and was told 10 years ago it my have been vented that way, dont know i need a techs advice i live in new york also was told line could have split from cold thanks scott

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    That pan is the emergency drain pan. No water should be in it. It should be drained to a conspicuous location, like over a window or something like that. It should not be tied into any other drain line. Really should have a safety switch too. You need to call you service provider.

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