Hi, I'm looking to get off the ground floor experience and knowledge-wise. Pretty green, first year apprentice with first year of school and just under 200 hours of work under my belt from my practicum. Worked with an outfit dealing with primarily residential and small commercial system service design and installation.

Might be willing to relocate within BC if no upcoming interviews pan out to a job offer.

Mainly residential experience but wanting to get into commercial or residential, eventually industrial once experience permits.

Field experience:

- I have installed heat pump lines
- Fished control wire
- Wired thermostats
- Changed out compressors
- Taken system electrical readings
- Created flared connections
- Wired actuators for in floor radiant heating
- Pumped down compressors
- Pressurized/leak-tested systems

Weaknesses I need to work on that I think will improve with experience:

- I need to work on the fluidity of my brazing
- My number crunching skills are a bit slow pertaining to hvac/r (heat leakage calculations, utilizing psychometric charts, heat load ect.)
- My trouble-shooting skills are limited as I have limited hours under my belt, this is one of the main reasons I want to get my apprenticeship going

This is all residential experience, so, I've dealt mainly with heat pumps, and forced air gas heating systems. Wiring up a 10-ton roof top unit was the biggest piece of hardware I have ever worked with. All the work I've done was either assisting or taking direction from an experienced mechanic. But when I say I've changed out a compressor and pumped down units I've down it with my own hands. I am also interested in learning the basics of controls and B.A.S as I believe they will help me get a better understanding of hvac/r systems, and ultimately, further develop my trouble-shooting skills.

I know enough to be on time and to keep quiet when my journeyman is trouble-shooting. I don't mind carrying the tools. I also don't mind cleaning up the work site, gathering up the copper, or cleaning out the work van.

E-mail me if you would like a formal resume, including diplomas and certificates, or pm me if you think you can help me obtain employment,

Thank you in advance for your time,