We've lived in a year-round cabin in Minnesota and have heated w/ a wood stove for 20+ years. We are removing the roof and adding a 2nd story and want to add a furnce or boiler and have less exercise (less carrying wood).

A development came near us and I harvested the trees before they bulldozed them and had tongue-and-groove flooring made from those trees and will have hardwood flooring.

We think radiant heat sounds great.
IF we do that, I still want to plan for A/C and ERV ...

I've been reading about High Velocity units and am wondering about using that for a/c.

Q: we have limited $ and are still debating radiant, since we'll do some form of duct work. But the warm floors seem so so so nice. Any feed back here?

Q: can an ERV use the Hi-V system for air circulation?

Q: How do I find someone in the south Minneapolis area that I can trust with this train of thought?

I've asked a few companies about my laying the radiant tubing and having them do all the work from the manifods to the boiler, etc. This is to save money. I'm trying to balance dreams with resources. Those two companies said "no". So, I wonder if I'm heading the right way and how best to get there. Thanks