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    Burnham or Buderus? outside temp monitor for either?

    We are purchasing a bank-owned home with an inoperable 40-year-old Burhham propane boiler. The bank is willing to put in a Burnham with an 81-82% efficiency. We want to upgrade and pay the difference and have two quotes: a Burnham PVG installed or a Buderus G124X for a slightly higher amount. We've been told that an outside temp monitor would make the boiler more efficient. The Buderus installer gave us a bid for for a Logamatic (which one not named). The Burnham installer said this kind of control is available for the Burnham and his estimate was half the price of the Buderus Logamatic. Our questions: 1) Is the Buderus a signficantly better boiler? 2) And, I could not find any mention on the Burnham site about an outside temperature monitor so it's hard to compare with the Buderus Logamatic. Is there really such a thing available for a Burnham? and 3) Is this kind of monitor a smart thing to have? We were told that this monitor/control could be installed later, so we will go ahead and select a boiler for the house purchase and install this later, if this is really possible.

    a lot of questions!

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    I removed your prices.
    No prices in post. Please read site rules, thank you.

    Burnham has an outdoor reset control that will control voiler temp simular to the logimatic.
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    Why not go with a Burnham with high efficiency? Their web site will show you units up to 88%, even 95%.

    I would definately add an outdoor control if not included with the boiler. Added after market, doesn't matter.
    In my area the most popular after market manager is Tekmar.

    I don't install Buderus, but if I would, it would not be an atmospheric one, which are less efficient.

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