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    Tech wants to become salesperson

    I have a gentleman that contacted who is currently in the field as a Test and Balance Tech that wants to break into sales. Based on his email to me I would say he is hungry and willing to do what it takes to learn. He certainly wants to make more money and that is a critical desire for sales.

    His HVAC experience according to him is broad from small residential to currently inspecting a 1500 room Hilton with a convention center. His is regularly involved in customer construction meetings and feels comfortable explaining things to the client, handle himself professionally, deliver bad news with tact and explain customer options.

    He currently resides in Tampa, FL and would prefer to remain there, but relocation is an option for the right opportunity. First relocation choices would be Wilmington or Raleigh, NC, but he is open to other places as well.

    If you are looking for a tech ONLY, please do not respond. If you would like to consider him for sales or for a transitional position (start as tech and groom for sales within year) then please feel free to respond to my email address below directly and not via a post. I will send you his résumé and you may contact the candidate directly. There is no fee for this service and I CANNOT vouch for this person’s ability, qualifications, character, or employability. I simply offered to put his name out there to interested parties.
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    You've got mail. You really should remove your e-mail address from your signature, though.

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