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    Master Bedroom is at least 3 degrees warmer than rest of house

    Last summer a new HVAC system was installed and system has been running fine. Before bed, I set the t-stat at 76 degrees, which is located between the kitchen and living room. The house cools down, but the master bedroom(faces east) is at least 79 in the morning. Does the system need to be balanced/dampers adjusted? Or is it common for the bedroom to be warmer due to body heat? Myself, wife, infant, and dog sleep in the master.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballcaddy View Post
    Or is it common for the bedroom to be warmer due to body heat?
    Well, depends if you're doing stuff you shouldn't be doing..................

    Sounds like you just need the dampers adjusted to send a little more conditioned air into the bedroom. Are you getting adequate return air flow out of the bedroom? Try sleeping with the door open, if you usually have it closed.

    Edit: Another thought - try leaving your circulation fan on all the time to see if that evens out the tempearatures.

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    The A/C system will run as needed to maintain the set temperature wherever the thermostat is located.

    Temperature is not necessarily going to be uniform throughout the house.

    Ditto the suggestions from the previous poster.

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    Do you leave the bedroom door closed at night while sleeping?

    Try leaving it open if you do. If you wake up cooler, you need to improve how air can get out of the room and back to the air handler (return air provision).

    If leaving the door open doesn't help, you may need an air balance so your bedroom gets enough air to offset overnight heat gain. You may also try setting the thermostat to 75 degrees instead of 76, as the 76 setting may not allow the system to run long enough when the rest of the house has cooled off to the nighttime sky to keep your bedroom comfy.

    Do you have a ceiling fan over your bed? It can help you sleep more comfortably at higher temperatures.
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