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    Leaking D.E.S. 80 furnace when A/C is running

    Hi there
    I am new to this forum and not sure if I should ask questions here or not. My girlfriend and i have a Coleman DES 80 furnace that is quite old. A few years ago it started leaking whenever the Air Conditioner is running. We put towels down but can;t seem to figure out why it is doing this. We figure something is plugged, drain or pipe but don't know where to look. Does anyone have any ideas and is this something we can fix or have someone fix for us?
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Well, sounds like it's leaking condensate either from a hole in the pan or backing up from a plugged drain. You might want to have someone come over and do a basic maintenance call and fix this while they are at it.

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    Could be a dirty coil.

    Call and get it checked , before something shorts out.

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