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    I just upgraded my Air conditioning system from a 2 ton to a 3 ton Lennox system (with filters) The unit outside was also replaced. Currently the furnace is a york 2 burner. (024-31969-000 part for blower motor??) The blower motor is burned out now. Could the upgrade have caused the blower motor to burn out? should this have been upgraded as well?? Help

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    Confused Upgrade

    In response to angry reply I am only asking about possibilities not trying to sue anyone. btw

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    Not really.

    Just coincidence.

    Also merged your threads.
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    Do you have ductwork large enough for 3 tons of airlfow? Why did you increase the A/C size? Condensers lose 1-3% of their capacity each year. So a 15 y/o unit may be down 0.5 tons, but that doesn't mean you shouod oversize when it's replaced.

    I think the blower (even a PSC) will run a little hotter if it's goes from the 2 ton airlow speed to 3 ton speed without ductwork changes. The blower wattage goes up, but it doesn't get proportionally more airflow. ALthough it may just be a coincidence.

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