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    It was 92 degrees outside,and my heat came on

    It was last Sat. the outdoor temp. was 92.When I came up from the basement,about 10:30pm,it was 85 in the house.So I took off the white rodger stat,and jump cooling ,and still the heat was going,in the heatpump mode.So I went outside, to check the coil on the reversing valve,and it was OK,so I pulled off one side of the coil wire from the defrost board,and put it right on the coil teminal with the compressor contactor,and I had cooling.It was a fast service call,and I was lucky it worked.So that would mean my defrost board is bad.This is a five ton janitrol heatpump. THX

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    Respectfully, You are completely over your head here. You will make what should be a very easy repair, a costly one.

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site, Please read site rules thank you.

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