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    HCFC R-22 phase out

    I have a home in Florida built 12 years ago that has 4 HVAC zones. The condenser of one zone was replaced with a brand new one in February 2009. My service company is now recommending that I replace the air handler attached to that new condenser because, if it fails, I would have to replace BOTH components of that system due to the changeover from R-22 to 410A equipment mandated soon. Is this true and why? Also, what can I anticipate for the other three systems that are now working adequately?

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    The indoor unit shuld have been changed out when you got the new outdoor unit.

    So you would be getting the efficiency you paid for.

    After Jan 2010.
    As units need replaced. You change out both the indoor and outdoor unit like you should have on this one.
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    What beenthere says is true!

    However strictly addressing your question replacing the A/H with an R-22 compatible unit after Jan. 2010 will not be a problem. All that will need be done is to install the appropriate metering device.

    Now if you had an R-410A condensing unit installed in Feb. then you got screwed.

    As far as future equipment replacement both the indoor coil or A/H and the condenser will need to be replaced.

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