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    Ice inside and outside

    How is everyone doing today?
    So i came home today to find my house at 84F. The air blowing out of my vents was not ice cold like it normally is so i went out side to check the unit and i found ice all over. i turned off the unit and went into the attic to check the other part of the unit......yup i found ice.

    i live in houston texas and it has been hot here. i mean very hot. 100-103F with 90-100% humidty and a heat index of 106-110F

    This is the first time i have ever seen ice form. Last year's check up showed everything working great. System was built in 1996

    Is this an issue? Something i need to get someone out ASAP? If it is bad what could be causing it?

    you guys helped in the past and hope you can help again. I like knowing what to except before a guy come out or even if a hvac guy needs to come out.

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    let me add that the Filters were replaced 2 days ago. i have two returns a 20x25 and a 12x12. both have a 3m filter in it. same type i have been using for a over a year

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    Time to call a service tech. Two things cause ice. Lack of airflow or lack of refrigerant flow. A tech should be able to diagnose quickly, once the unit is thawed. No sense inviting him/her out if the unit is still a block of ice. So prepare for a warm night, leave the system off and schedule a repair for tomorrow. That's the quickest way to resolve the problem. If you have the tech out when it's iced up, he'll just tell you he'll have to return after it thaws. Ice itself causes an airflow restriction so that's why he can't diagnose with the unit iced up.
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    What problems did the Tech find? Was their a freon leak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lentz View Post
    What problems did the Tech find? Was their a freon leak?
    just less then 4 lbs low. i have a leak in the attic (coils)

    tech said i should be fine this year but i better start saving. he was hope full it would also be be fine next year....just might need to add some more freon.

    i'm debating what to do next. replace the whole system or wait. planing on moving in 2-3 yrs.

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    the stimulus package 30% energy tax credits are valid this year and next on 15+ seer units. granted you will have to spend several thousand dollars and probably won't recoup your investment completely, but it may make your home more marketable when you go to sell it -- and you get a brand new system that will hopefully not need any attention over the next several years.

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    16SEER and 13EER if its a straigh A/C unit.
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    Turn the unit off and the fan to on so the ice will melt. Nothing can be determined if the unit is frozen.

    Next the leak needs to be located, it could be in the coil (very likely) looks like a Trane TXC which has about an 8 to 10 year life in Houston. The leak could also be in the scharrader valves and the caps be loose.

    If the leak is found to be at the valve cores this is a simple fix, if it is in the coil replacement is the best option.

    If the coil needs to be replaced and you are moving in a few years you may get away with just replacing the coil and the condenser lasting past the time you sell the house. If the condenser is less than 10- years even as old a 12 this may be a good option.

    You will not qualify for a tax credit without installing a very expensive furnace.

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