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    Quote Originally Posted by yorktek37 View Post
    What's sad is that I saw that very same thing up here at a church. It was a old lennox system. I was just checking out the site and noticed it. It was cooling ok though. I installed a TXV anyway. It was done by Honeywell. That is no lie.(())
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    Here. I'm right here i tell you!
    in fact I saw my old supervisor this afternoon and that deal came up. I did not even mention it. I bet I stil have that peice of copper in my storage somewhere. I will have to see if I can find it sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger93rsl View Post
    Geez. I just don't understand how people can make it in this trade pulling crap like that. And then you were the first guy to look at the air handler! I was at call 7 years ago. HO had 3 companies out that told her she needed a new unit.
    Simple. The HO keeps calling the absolute cheapest people she can find. The cheapest companies can't (nor won't) afford quality techs with proper training. A lot of these guys aren't even properly registered/licensed. And you can forget them pulling permits. Of course the fly-by-nighters want to sell new units -- requires no skill and the profit margin is large.

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    I want to know what the pressures were running

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