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    Local 638B Tech looking for job in Long Island

    Hey all,
    I am currently in Local 638 as a 4 year tech. Looking for a 638 shop with more Long Island work. The company I currently work for has become 100% Manhatttan making it difficult to get home in time to pick up my son up. I would love to hook up with Trane Long Island but they aren't hiring as of now. If anyone knows of any i would appreciate the info. I have already sent my resume to most of the postings on Indeed and MEP websites. Thanks in advance

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    might try JCI/YORK over in Syossett,FW SIMS is a solid fitter company always looking for start-up guys they work all over the place.JDP in Astoria is looking...JCI handles LI,Queens,Brooklyn only.ever worked downtown Brooklyn off Tillary on the BQE what a ZOOOOOOO i would take midtown any day.don't push that "working on LI" too much if you interview with fitter companies on the Island its an interview for your situation they all really don't care after 4:30PM what happens
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    Try Hi Tech in Babylon or Marren Mechanical in Seaford also Par Mechanical in lynbrook or Lane assoc. in Long Beach. Good Luck

    p.s call the Union they have a list.

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    we just got a guy from HI TECH that got laid so not to sure about them plus they dont pay travel time. I guess i really cant complain im still working. Thanks for the input

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