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    Ductless Minisplit

    Bare with me, this is going to be vague at best.

    A fellow co-worker is having problems with an LG ductless mini split leaking water. I've been unable to make it too his job to help him with this problem.

    Anyway, he tells me its connected to a purpose built condensate pump. That drains into a container, then is pumped out via a pump. He tells me the operation of that looks flawless and the condensate line is less then 1 foot into a larger drain.

    The moisture is apparently coming from the suction line sweating. He has removed the unit from the wall (without disconnecting it) and double insulated the lines. I trust he did a decent job.

    I looked through records and have seen that refrigerant was added to this unit due to cap tubes freezing at one time. He says the pressures look good however the superheat COULD be a factor. He has a superheat of 6 degrees, line temp of 50 ish degrees.

    Long story short. What is the proper charging method for these units? Since the unit isnt low I'm assuming the lineset was too long for the factory charge. Could this unit just be overcharged causing and with low suction line temp be sweating way more then it should be? Maybe its just not insulated well enough?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance...

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    LG should have a charge rate per meter

    As in every meter you add of liquid line add this about of gas , other then that a air on air off with with the Td of the coil

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