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    AC in attic Working hard at hardly working

    I have a ac system with the air handler in attic. The unit is next to a dormer room upstrairs in the attic. The unit seems to function ok as it blows cool air. We are in the south B-Ham Alabama. We bought the home in the fall and had the system inspected and it work fine. Now that it 90 F it can't keep the house cool. 82 F with it set at 72 F. At night it cools down then heats up as the day heats up. Here is what I know..... The house has now soffit vents. It has a large dormer built under the roof ( no window through roof,they are on the gable ends) the dormer walls have insulation as does the floor in attic. There is insulation in attic of dormer as well. Attic will reach 150 F with the air off and cool down faster than the house when it is turned on. I found a couple of air leaks around the unit but I think there is more. What is the proper course of action??? Insulate the attic? Seal the Ducts? Vent the attic? Which would release the cool air in the attic and Could make it worst ?
    Thanks for any help I plan on fixing this this weekend. Shanes Dad

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    If your attic is cooling off faster than your house then it sounds like you're losing a LOT of air to the attic via duct leakage.

    Fixing those leaks would be my first priority, pronto.
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