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    Rheem classic 90 contour - motor shot???


    Need help with a sanity check relative to what I am hearing. My Rheem classic 90 contour just stopped working on me. Had pro look at it and am told that the motor is shot. Board appears to be getting signals for fan to come on, but nothing is moving from there and spits at an error signal.

    Was told that with these motors, you have to order whole motor, not just the "cone", because its modulating. Also told that may need a board, but appears to be working. Labor excluded, can anyone give me an idea of whether ~$ is a reasonable price for the motor and whether you do indeed need the whole thing not just the cone.

    Currently checking with a friend to see if serial will tell us if its in warranty, but wanted as many opinions as i can get before deciding.

    Actually considering redoing the system, so dont want to throw good money after a bad system (out of context to my question of above)

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Removed your price. Please read site rules thank you.

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    you can just call rheem and see if its under warranty....but i would always replace the whole motor, but you can ask tech to look for aftermarket parts
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