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    Tyler freezer case

    Ok gents here is my most recent challenge, this is a 12 door freezer case, not geting cold enough temp is 20 degrees empty, 3 upper (exterior top of box) 5W fan motors are out , 2 motors in the bottom of the case are bad (12W ECM's), condensing coil 80% blocked shut down unit, cleaned cond. coil, replaced 2 5W motors I could, and will replace the others on Monday, brought the unit back up case temp at start up was 60 in three hours I was down to 18, I left at that point and recieved word it is still not cold enough ( I had to TRY to get the customer backup as much as possible.)
    Sight glass is full.
    Oil in sump is at the full line but not calm
    Super heat taken at condenser end bell service valve is 41
    Subcooling is taken at liquid lin end bell service valve is 11
    Bohn M-BDT0600L6CTAR
    Case Tyler

    My course of action at this point is to finish fixing what I know to be wrong, get the fans all functioning and then go from there, by that point I should have some experienced help on site.
    What is the purpose of the upper fans as described above?
    Superheat should be much lower single digits. correct?
    I am totally new to this type of equipment and am doing the best I can with what I know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Any body got a tech # for Bohn or Tyler?
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    That model number looks like it should be D5FGN4 which would have been a current model number for Tyler's reach-in frozen food cases from about 15-20 years ago.

    The D5 12 ft case had (5) 9 watt evaporator fan motors as standard and the high efficiency ECM motors were optional.

    It didn't have any top fans except if it had a ventilation kit installed for maintaining airflow under and up the back of the cases to prevent condensation and cold aisles.

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    41F SH at the compressor is not bad for low temp, especially since you're not down to temp yet. Copeland wants no less than 20. It should be much less at the evap outlet.

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    Yep check your superheat at the evap coils it should be around 4*-8*F .. It might be alittle higher because the case is still warm.. The first thing I would do is pump it down and clean the TEV screens if there's poe oil in there.

    And check td across the drier

    What was the suction and discharge pressures????

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    a note of follow up, the case was maintaining 6 degrees, CPR valve bad, changed, all cases dropped nicely except on one zone cleaned TXV screen and then that one droped also maintaining -12 like they want, it was A learing experience for me I have never worked on anything like that, and the guy I was working with, see's this stuff everyday, makes you feel kinda dumb
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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