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Hi Everyone.
I'm an airline pilot about to lose my job along with 10,000 + others. No airlines are hiring, and wont be for approximately 4 years. I need to learn a new trade in the mean time, and preferrably as a side-line when I get back to an airline job someday.

I've been wrenching on my own apartment units for years, but it would be nice to know HVAC to become a pro apartment manager myself...

I am considering an HVAC school to learn a new trade, but I want to chose wisely.

1. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. Are the prospects good for work there? .

2. What is a good school. Online vs local Jr College?

Appreciate any serious advice,

And don't let your kids grow up to be pilots....and if they insist, learn a trade too !!
So what did you figure out. Will you pursue the HVAC trade?