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    Outside of scratch made, these mixes are some of the best I've tried.
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    Pretty good for an out the box mix.
    Better with real maple syrup. But at 80 bucks a gallon. You might want to fill up the work truck instead.

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    Get regular pancake mix ,cut 20% with potato flour . add some chopped pecans ( if you like them )and 4 tblspoons of almond/vanilla extract ( amaretta works too and the alchohol cooks out). Throw in rainbow sprinkles for the kids and you have ( mardi gras pancakes). or ommit the sprinkles if theres no kids around . For the syrup mix 1/3 maple 1/3 dark cane syrup and 1/3 honey and you have my secret Louisiana swamp syrup . MANGEZ , BOISSON , ET SOYEZ , JOYEUX ! Eat drink and be happy !

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