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    Post recent graduate looking for work - Ontario CANADA

    Hi all, my name is Pat, and I just come into the trade. I was in real property maintenance/renovation and management for 4 years before joining the trade. I was jack of all trade, and decided that I would concentrate on one that won't go away anytime soon. I've sent most of the contractor in town my resume/CV and I'm working on the rest of them .

    I have my G3 and OBT3 license and I also have Ozone Depletion Prevention card. I also have electrician diploma from Stratford Career Institute, it was a long distance course. I am planning to take my G2 license (for under 400k btuh) this fall and some other courses from HRAI as they become available and time/money permitting. I am eager to learn and I believe I would make a reliable and competent technician.

    I would like to stay around Kingston, ON, as I would like to take my next license (G2) with the same instructor. All my courses were taken at Jenal Trades and Training Centre in Kingston, ON. I will relocate if I have to with short notice.

    Feel free to contact me for resume, I will post one as soon as I know how to. my email is ptofani007 at yahoo dot com.


    well, here is a copy and paste of my resume:


    924 Sydenham Rd
    Kingston, ON, K7M 3L7
    Phone: (613) 547-1444 Cell: (613) 483-5870

    Career Objective: To obtain position as Gas/Oil Burner Technician 3

    Summary of Qualification:
    • Valid G3 and OBT3 license.
    • Valid ODP card. Transportation of Dangerous Goods license will be taken soon.
    • 4+ years involvement in a property management team.
    • Excellent mechanical aptitude.
    • Organized, punctual, friendly, energetic, reliable, dependable, and a team player person.
    • Have previous experience in customer service and sales.
    • Neat business-like appearance.
    • Focus on customer satisfaction and meeting their needs efficiently.
    • Have experience in back office duty such as record keeping, data input, and filing.
    • Have experience in interacting with different types of people.
    • Ability to work independently or as a team member.
    • Good organizational and communication skills.
    • Extremely hardworking and dedicated.
    • People oriented and able to multitask.
    • Quick learner.
    • Committed to my on going knowledge and skills advancement.

    • Valid G3 and OBT3 license. Courses were taken at Jenal Trades and Training Centre.
    • Valid ODP Card.
    • Electrician Diploma from Stratford Career Institute.
    • Diploma in Property Appraisal and Assessment from St. Lawrence College.
    • Real Property Appraisal certificate from University of British Columbia.
    • Law Clerk program from St. Lawrence College.
    • Transportations of Dangerous Goods will be taken as soon as they are available.


    • Delivery Crew Member, Delta Global Logistic, March-April 2009
    - Short term contract, ended by early April 2009.
    - Deliver products to customer’s houses as per contract agreement.

    • Fibre Technician Trainee, Invista Canada, Kingston, ON, March 2008 – October 2008
    - Operated technical nylon fibre spinning machine.
    - Supervised and responsible for 8 positions.
    - Responsible for Quality control.
    - Energy control lock-out.
    - Trouble shoots mechanical and quality problems.
    - Performed corrective actions and minor mechanical maintenance.
    - Worked in a crew of 20 people and in group of 6 per each spinning machine.
    - Other supporting roles as assigned.

    • Member of management team for a landlord in Kingston, ON June 2004 - March 2008
    - Helping to manage a total of 45 unit apartments in 2 cities.
    - Addressed tenants’ concerns quickly and efficiently.
    - Identify and conduct preventative maintenance.
    - Tenants and contractors relation.
    - Showing vacant apartment.
    - Preparing units for showing.
    - Collecting rent cheques.
    - Other duties as assigned.

    • MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation), (Jun- Nov 2003)
    - Verified the accuracy of existing customer record and updated them as necessary.
    - Field works such as taking building measurement and collection of property data.
    - Office duties such as record keeping, data verification, building permits application, and data input.
    - Supported Customer Service in responding to customer inquires.
    - Conducted substantial works using MPAC’s computer system.

    • Appraiser Co-op, S. Rayner and Associate, Kingston, ON (Nov-Dec 2003)
    - Helped the appraisers with their field works such as property inspection and site assessment.
    - Office duty such as: report preparation, record keeping, and determining comparable properties.

    • Computer Use Support, St. Lawrence College, Oct. 2003-April 2004
    - Provided user support and service for the computer users at the College’s library during evening hours. - Ensured that rules are followed and no inappropriate contents are in the computers.
    - Helped other students or users with their computer problems.

    Community Involvement:
    • Support St. Andrew’s soup kitchen and food bank.
    • Volunteered with Election Canada.
    • Involved in various athletic event in town.
    • Support local political party and charities.

    References are available upon request
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    got my license in the mail today. waiting for ODP card.

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    bump up. I'm willing to relocate in ontario.

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