Ok this system is more WOP worthy than the one in my last thread, it's the all new system in the attic of my house. Everything was replaced except for some of the old gray flex supply lines that were in good shape. Once again all I have are videos of it all but I will take pics later.

The first vid is of the Trane XV80i two stage furnace with built-in electronic air filter and a fair view of the ductwork.


This video is of the Trane 3 ton XR13 condensor with R410 refrigerant.


And last is of the zone panel which is a Honeywell EMM-3U located in a bedroom closet with Trane (Honeywell Vision-Pro) thermostats controlling the staging of the furnace.


The system as you've already seen is a two zone system, one zone is for the master suite and the other is for three other bedrooms and the bathroom. As far as relief for when only one zone is calling there's a dump zone out in the hallway that is directed into the foyer. The supply trunks and returns are all sheet metal and then short flex runs to the registers (just how it should be). The installer that I chose and my Dad agreed on to work with did a heat loss/load calc for the 1300 sqft upstairs and came up with 3 tons for cooling and about 65,000 btu's for heating, the furnace ended up being a little bit oversized but still works efficiently, the A/C was sized just right to keep 70 inside with a design outdoor temp of 95 degrees. The system has worked beautifully and efficiently in both heating and cooling mode.

It was hard finding the right person to do it all but I'm very happy with the results and there's no more temperature wars either!