This is the downstairs furnace in my house, an Armstrong "Ultra 80" it's original to the house from 1990, I just have a video of it right now but I will take pics of the whole system later. Anyway the reason I'm posting this in the WOP is cuz It's been in excellent working order for some time now after I fixed everything, it's sized almost dead on to the heat loss of the house (just off by 2,000 btu's) it is controlled by a Honeywell Vision-Pro thermostat which I installed in 2007 and together they keep the downstairs very comfortable in the winter. The furnace has had all of it's faulty early design electronic components replaced so no more reliability issues. The duct work is all sheet metal. That's all I can think of about the furnace right now but I will talk about the cooling side of the system (which works excellently too) when I post the pics later (big story about the A/C!)