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    Saniserve Question

    Its a Saniserve 414. Unit runs fine, the product comes out at 19/20 degrees which is what the spec is. Now the problem is that then pan you pour the mix in, its will eventually freeze.

    Ive adjusted the CPR value, its a 404a system, and i was told it should be adjusted at 45psi, but still freezes. The scraper blades are new, stator rod and all the internals in the barrel are in good shape (although that wouldn't have anything to do with it freezing right)

    Now if it understand this correctly the CPR valve and the tubing surrounding the mix pan is what cools the mix correct, then why wouldn't i want to have the psi above freezing.

    any ideas ?

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    Mixing Product / Product Temperatures. If your using a product that has to be mixed with water or other ingredients, it is imperative the product is mixed consistently everyday. If not, the machine will not run consistent and could possibly damage components. This is very important with frozen (slush) beverages. Always mix to the product manufactures recommendations. The machine is designed to operate with a frozen product that falls within these temperatures (soft serve 18-21 degrees, yogurt 17-20 degrees, shake 25-28 degrees, non-alcoholic frozen beverage 25-28 degrees and alcoholic frozen beverage 18-22 degrees).

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