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    Question I have a question?

    Im enrolled and set to start school in Aug. Being that you guys are experienced and take the time out to read the post of a fresh newie like me, my question is what is the career difference between a certificate and an associates degree when it comes to HVAC HVACR, when it comes to getting hired? And whats the best way to get my foot in the door with no experience while in school?
    I am going for my assoc degree in AC and refrig. The assoc comes with a manditory minor in electrical. But it progresses as such: after 1st semester you will have a short certif 2nd semest a long certif and then you can move forward for a assoc degree.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't know the details but is my opinion....for what ever it's worth.

    Education in this field is good at almost every level but....there is no subsitute for experience !

    Find a local service/installation company in your area and with a solid reputation. Tell them you are starting school in august and that you want experience (that statment will possibly get you a job but likely not real high pay) and are willing to work full time through the summer and parttime during school. I suspect they will at least take time to talk to you if not hire you.

    Good luck !
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    Deleted your other post.
    Please don't make duplicate post in other forums, thank you.

    Some employers will hire an AA degree apprentice over a certificate. Some won't.
    The AA doesn't hurt. But may not always help.
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