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Thread: i miss ics

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    i miss ics

    since ics changed to ccc we have had nothing but problems. if we order a tstat they send a timer, order a timer they send an infinite switch. anybody else having trouble? any trouble free suppliers?
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    Yeah, they went way downhill. Luckily for me, I have one of them about a half hours ride from me in Winsted, CT., and they have a contractors counter. Sadly, I have to keep a catalog in my truck so that I can point to something and say "Gimmee that!, otherwise it's a crap shoot to get the right part.

    Kitchen work only makes up a small percentage of what I do as it is. I think if I had to deal with ICS more often, I'd have a lot less hair on my head.

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    I personally never been a huge fan of ICS. I would recommend FMP or Parts Town. I use both depending on what I am buying. One nice thing about Parts Town is that they have a technical support desk so if I call from the road they can find the part for me. Otherwise FMP is great also but you have to watch them on pricing. Hope this helps!

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    Thats kinda funny because I used to use CCC almost exclusively and ever since the change it has gone way down hill. (So I don't know who's to blame?) The customer service sucks, the employee's answering the phone always sound all pissed off and I even get some of the same people I used to with CCC and they just arn't the same cheery people. What can ya do? I would like to start my own parts distribution but I have a hard time getting any mfgs to talk to me because I have two major distributors in my area.

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