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    You can take it with you

    A very rich (but selfish) man decided that when the time finally came around he was goining to take it with him. He willed his entire fortune to his three best friends on the condition that they throw it in his grave just before it was closed.
    Eventually the day came and each of his friends walked to the grave and threw a package in. They decided to meet for drinks afterward and discuss their old friend.
    His minister went first " I have to admit, I kept a $100,000 of the money to build an addition to the church. I don't think ol' John would mind"
    His Doctor was next "Well, I'll admit that I also kept $100,000 and built a new clinic"
    His lawyer was FURIOUS!!! " I can't believe you guys! Our best friends last wishes and you couldn't honor them. This is outrageous!! I put my personal check for the entire amount in there!"
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    just what you would expect a lawyer to do

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