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    Cool Porter and Chester Graduate

    I went to Porter and Chester Institute in Chicopee, MA. I don't know if they are different in how they teach in CT or MA and how they do job placement but the guy I had was great in the Chicopee, MA location. Before I graduated he asked me what I wanted to do Oil, Gas, AC, Refrig, etc... When I told him I wanted to do heating and AC he set up an appointment for me and I met him at the job site the contractor was working at the time. He basically told the guy to hire me and quote " I will vouch for this guy" I started working the very next day! Everybody in my graduating class got a job if they wanted to but we also had a lot of lazy guys in our class that never showed up or left early. I don't think any of those guys got jobs. One lazy guy blew off two great job opportunities the placement guy set up for him.

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    Yup, we had our fair share of clowns in the classroom. That was ok though, more opportunities for us serious people to scoop up the positions.

    Many of the clowns were wasting their time even joining the school, with numerous drug charges and DUI's on their records, I doubt they would even set foot in an interview.

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    Did you graduate this year work4u? And why do I have a feeling some of those idots still found work in the field

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