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    open drive compressor alignment

    open drive compressor alignment

    I have heard about dial sets, laser sets, and also just loosen the mounting bolts and let the compressor fly for a few seconds and it will find its own center.

    I have only done it with a dial set, time consuming...but works.

    anyone have any links about alignments or tool kits that are recommended?

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    Find it's own center? I'll bet! <g>

    I did them for years with a dial indicator and a chain clamp mount that I made for myself. Always got to less than .001" -hot- all three ways.

    Sometimes fast - sometimes two days.

    One time I was working with an alignment company. They had a laser unit. They set it up, moved the coupling 90 degrees one way, then 180 degrees back. The machine spit out the shim sizes and I did the work. Alignment was perfect next check.

    That was some years ago and they told me the alignment rig was $6000.

    I didn't buy one. Still have all my old Starrett stuff.
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    Like mikey, I used to use a dial gauge.
    These days we get a bloke from SKF bearings to come to the job with his laser gear. as Mikey says, it's done in no time and it's done right. Plus SKF warrants their work.
    If you're not experienced with the job, do your self and your customer a favour and get the experts in. It'll be a lot cheaper in the long run.
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