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    More Czar's than the Romanovs Dynasty

    One of the biggest issues with all these czars as I see it is that they answer to knowone but BHO. They are not elected officials but they will be making policy. Pretty much a back door method to usurp the constitution.
    Politicians need to be changed like diapers, and for the same reason.
    Mark Twain

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    I think its a clear sign of an ineffective majority in both houses of Congress.

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    Czar is also Russian for Ceasar. Seems to fit right in with our new dear leader striving to be Emporer of the world. I am so sick of reading so called news articles that start with the words; "Obaman say....". Really, I just don't give a crap what our president says any more., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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