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    Question need some advice

    i got two fireplaces one up stair and one down stairs i just bought i fireplace insert and I'm not sure if i want to try and heat the house from the basement or on the main floor does anybody got some advice

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    Uh, you put the cart before the horse. You really should have gotten level II inspections on those chimneys first to guide you in their suitability for which applications and what your options are.

    When you say "insert", are you talking gas, wood or pellet? If gas, are you talking about a set of gas logs or a sealed combustion box with liners? If gas logs, are you talking about vented or ventfree? They are all very different animals with different requirements and considerations.

    I suggest you get the level II and consult with the pro before you get any further into this.

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    it is a wood burning insert and i got the idea from a pro so thanks for your concern but i just would like to pick your head alittle would you put it on the main floor or in the basement thanks.........

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    Not to be a AH, but what did your pro tell you? Without seeing the layout of your home it would be very difficult to say what the best plan would be for you. You need to get that level II inspection before you go any farther to see if your chimneys are safe and will suit your needs. The chimney inspector should be able to give you an accurate evaluation of what would be your options are.

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    Put it where the tech advises, Hey you work for Ford, my cars making a noise, what is it?

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    Put it in the area you want to heat.... pretty simple. Wood inserts / stoves are zone heaters not furnaces.

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