I have been reading the other posts on the Staefa PC tool program. I am very interested in obtaining a copy if possible. My smart tool has given up the ghost...

Disclaimer: I'm not a big poster here (or on the fishing forum I belong to) as my knowledge base is limited to the facility I'm with. I have a Staefa contol system that was installed in 1990. It was upgraded several times early on and it's been mainly a maintenance relationship since then. I've read the rules and believe me, I hate to post for the second time and request assistance but after seeing that several people have offered PC tool to others I thought I would at least test the waters.

I had PC tool in the past and used it to tunnel to the smart card via the trunk/address but it was lost in a hard drive crash many moons ago. I still have a couple of PC's capable of running DOS based programs and just recently retired the Staefa front end for Siemens Insight.

Any assistance would be appreciated and if I can return the favor with information on some very old Staefa equipment let me know.

Thanks! Lightfoot