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    Penn Micro Set Low Pressure Switch

    Hi guys,
    I am new to the boards and have a question maybe someone could help me out with.

    If a micro set low pressure switch has a cut-in at 25psi setting and a differential setting of 15psi... what exactly does this mean? I understand the cut-in at 25psi, but not the differential and how it works. I'd appreciate it if anyone could educate me on how to set a pressure differential switch.


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    Welcome to the site Jimmy.

    Differential is the difference between cut-in and cut-out.

    So if you have a 25psi cut-in, and a 15psi differential, that would make your cut-out 10psi.

    Low pressure switches are sometimes referred to as "close on rise" when the pressure goes above cut-in, the switch closes, and when the pressure goes below cut-in minus differential (cut-out) the switch opens.

    High pressure switches are the opposite and would be "open on rise" when the pressure goes above the cut-out, the switch opens, and when the pressure goes below cut-out minus differential (cut-in) the switch closes.

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    Thanks Mike. I had a guy trying to explain how it worked to me today, and I felt like an idiot because I wasn't getting it. Now I get it.

    Many thanks.

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