Hi Guys and or Gals........

I recently installed a Prestige IAQ system with the outdoor thermostat/humidity sensor and invent return and plenum sensors.
The main purpose was to replace a failing thermostat and at the same time eliminate the 2 thermo/humidistat system.
So here goes with the questions...After wiring the my forced air electric furnace to the 2 wire thermostat and the EIM everything is working great for about 2 weeks now.
Now i have time to wire the HRV.
First question does anyone have experience wiring HRV components to the Honeywell IAQ system.
Question 2 ... If its wired to furnace interlock will the HRV run only once the furnace kicks in ?
Question 3 ...According to the "manual" i should be using the U1 terminals on the EMI do these need to be jumped in anyway ?
Question 4 ... If i use furnace interlock will i still be able to use my wall controls in the bathrooms ?